Current information on equipment data modelling of catering equipment


Revit Guidline for Foodservice Equipment

Since mid-June 2020, the Revit Guideline have been finally approved by the BIM Working Group and the BIM Steering Committee and are now officially available and usable as a draft version.

The Revit guide for catering equipment can be downloaded from the following link: Revit Guidline for Foodservice Equipment

The Revit guide is intended for BIM content creators and gives clear recommendations on how to create content in Revit. This guide enables manufacturers to create good standardized BIM content that planners can work with.

Further additional information on this guideline is available at the following One-Drive link: Additional information on the Revit Guidline


The necessary clearances in families, which have been created according to the "REVIT Guidelines for Commercial Kitchen Equipment", also serve to check for collisions in linked projects.

If the necessary clearances in linked projects overlap other components, this will lead to collisions during automatic checks.

If, for whatever reason, the necessary distances are not to be taken into account in a collision check, they must be removed from the family according to the current status.

A step-by-step guide is available here: "How to remove Clearances subcategories in Revit families".

Currently, the BIM working group is already working on a solution that is easier for the user, which will enable or disable the necessary clearances for the entire commercial kitchen project in the future.

IFSE Parameter Data Dictionary List

The associations Foodservice Consultants Society International e. V. - FCSI, Verband der Fachplaner

Gastronomie - Hotellerie - Gemeinschaftsverpflegung e.V. – VdF (Association of Professional Planners for Gastronomy - Hotels - Community Catering), Fachverband Gastronomie und Großküchen-Ausstattung e.V. – GGKA (Professional Association for Gastronomy and Catering Equipment), Verband der Hersteller von gewerblichen Geschirrspülmaschinen e.V. – VGG (Association of Manufacturers of Commercial Dishwashers) and HKI Industrial Association of House, Heating and Kitchen Technology  work closely together in a steering committee Building Information Modeling and deal intensively with the standardization of BIM parameters.

The relevant parameters for commercial kitchens were developed and defined in the "International Food Service Equipment Data Dictionary Parameter List" (IFSE Parameter Data Dictionary List). The parameters are regarded as binding by the associations FCSI, GGKA, HKI, VdF and VGG.

IFSE Parameter Data Dictionary List

On the FCSI page the list for BIM parameters is also available in TXT format in German, English, French, Italian, Spanish and Portuguese. The TXT files can be downloaded with the following links:







Request or new inclusion of parameters

If users regard a change of the IFSE Parameter Data Dictionary List see as necessary, it is possible to request a change or a new entry. The comment table available here can be used for this purpose. Please download the table to your computer and complete it in English.

Comment table


In order for the comments to be processed electronically, it is important that the table structure (e.g. column headings) is not changed. Please use the default font and enter comments on the individual parameters separately each in one line of the table. Further lines can be added using the tab key, for example. Please send the finished table as an MS Word file to the e-mail address [email protected] of the steering committee. In its subsequent meeting, the steering committee will discuss the change or new inclusion. The final decision is made by an International Food Service Equipment Parameters Group.

For direct communication, tips, suggestions, etc., the steering committee can be contacted at [email protected].

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